PurseForum Maintenance Open Thread

Our PurseForum’s last major downtime for software upgrades happened in 2016. We had then transitioned from one software platform to another, and while today’s maintenance is not quite as major, it still marks an important milestone for the community. For the most part, you can expect things to remain familiar visually, but there will be a lot of new useful, functional features and much improved mobile compatibility.

The new software will also pave the way for other very exciting initiatives we have planned for later this year. Megs and I are super excited and we’re sorry to be subjecting you all to the temporary board closure, but we promise that your favorite community of bag lovers will return better than ever!

In the meanwhile, feel free to use the comment section below as an open thread to chat on. We hope you’re all well, I will be updating this post a little later once I have an idea of when you can expect TPF to return!

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