On the Runway At Chanel, It’s All About the Classics for Fall 2020

If there’s one thing that Chanel is consistently known for, it’s their ability to put on an amazing show in both the set design as well as the collection itself. This season however, Virginie Viard has turned the table, offering fans a stripped down, super-commercial collection of bags (and RTW too!). Gone are most of the outlandish elements from Chanel that we’ve come to expect. Like the often over-the-top, but wearable art-like designs that are pretty to look but tough to work into your wardrobe. This season Viard has focused on the classics, choosing to strip the collection down to the basics.

While ultimately this collection will sell there’s something to be said about the element of show, which is missing this season. Overall, the collection included a wearable palette of neutrals with some pops of pink and a bit of embellishment in the form of jewels. As for the silhouettes, models casually strolled the runway carrying classic mini bag shapes as well as versions of the newest Chanel 19 bag. There were a couple of new bags to be seen this season, like a fun and wearable new bucket bag as well as hand carried clutches. Take a look at bags from the Fall 2020 collection below.

[images via Vogue Runway]

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