Numi Affogato featuring our New Drinking Chocolates

“An affogato or more traditonally known as ‘affogato al caffe’ is an Italian coffee-based dessert. It usually takes the form of a scoop of fior di latte or vanilla gelato or ice cream topped or ‘drowned’ with a shot of hot espresso. Some variations also include a shot of amaretto, Bicerin, Kahlua, or other liqueur…” – Wikipedia

Numi’s affogato take a delicious twist on this classic after-dinner coffee drink by replacing the espresso with our new Fair Trade Certified™Drinking Chocolates. This easy yet elegant recipe will surely impress your guests this holiday season!

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Numi Chocolate Affogato
Prep time

Total time


Recipe type: Drinks
Serves: 1

  • • 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream
  • • 4 tbsp. Numi Dash of Salt Drinking Chocolate (or the flavor of your choice)
  • • 1 oz. boiled water
  • • 1 shot liqueur of choice (room temperature is best)

  1. Scoop ice cream into glass. In a separate container, whisk drinking chocolate with hot water. Pour over ice cream along with liqueur. Enjoy!


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