Mini Review: Croc Proenza Schouler PS1

I fell off posting my #stayhomewithbags series, but I’m back to catch up! The bag I shared on day 14 is by far the best bag deal I ever nabbed. Getting a great deal on a bag makes me feel like I won something, when in fact I’m still paying my own hard earned money. The Proenza Schouler PS1 was an instant hit when it was released in 2008. The casual school bag feel was a welcomed change to the typical bag shapes seen in the bag world and for my personal style it resonated so well.

One day I was browsing THE OUTNET and this Matte Crocodile Proenza Schouler PS1 popped up at a whopping 70% off. The bag, which typically cost $14,500 was marked down to $4,350 and I screamed to Vlad, “CAN I BUY THIS BAG?!”. It was still a really high sticker price, but he and I agreed since it was such a deal on a bag I was already obsessing over, I shouldn’t pass it up. When I clicked purchase, I didn’t get a confirmation email right away and I was so worried the order didn’t go through—and it was showing up as sold out on the website then. It seemed too good to be true, and it was. While I got my bag, a few years later we had a meeting with THE OUTNET and heard from them that it was a mistake that this bag was ever listed as it was a classic color that was still being sold full priced at retailers!

My bag has held up incredibly well over the past 8+ years. As I said earlier, it’s casual, cool and different which makes it a stand out design. The matte tan crocodile skin is incredibly supple—it both looks and feels amazing. You do need an extra step or two to open and close the bag with the school bag closures, but once you’re inside the bag works well to separate items into compartments and fits quite a bit. There’s an exterior zip pocket which is perfect for your phone and keys, and the interior has one easy access pouch pocket right under the front flap along with all the other areas for organization and storage.

I have a few other PS1 bags, but this will forever be my favorite for multiple reasons. Bonus: If you watch my stories, you’ll hear Millie telling me “this is so boring” and a big forehead shot of her, plus Vaughn coming for some cuddles. I’ve reviewed this bag in depth here as well as my medium size in regular leather here.

There are a good amount of PS1s for sale, as this is still the most popular bag for the brand. Right now quite a few are marked down, so if you’re interested in adding one to your collection, check out the assortment on Farfetch here.

Watch my stories on this bag here (you need to login to Instagram)!

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