Mini Review: Chloé Small Suede Hudson Bag

I skipped over giving you more info on Bag 12 of #stayhomewithbags because it’s more of a silly bag than anything else. (It’s a bunny shaped bag by a designer who is no longer in the business, and I still laugh and have no idea why I bought it. If you are interested, you can see it here.). However, bag 13 is one that I really love that also makes me yearn for fall days and cozy sweaters, and like majority of my bags, it has a significant story with it.

This is my Chloé Small Suede Hudson Bag in the most glorious hue of purpley-red-wine. Sometimes the very specific color a brand is able to achieve is so good, it can not be replicated, and this falls into that category for me. The suede takes up the color really well and gives it even more life. I got this bag from Neiman Marcus in 2016 to celebrate National Handbag Day.

At the time we were living in NYC for a few months and I was quite far along in my pregnancy with Millie. Fall had hit and I specifically remember needing to take this bag out for photos in Central Park and it was one of those quintessential fall days. Any other fall day like this would have been etched in my mind for different reasons, but I actually had just left a really terrible OBGYN appointment where the Doctor informed me he thought something was seriously wrong with Millie. I still remember the day and bag fondly as Vlad and I went to get out of the apartment for some air and to take the photos we needed to get done for our editorial. We sat on a bench and I cried worrying about our daughter. But at the same time, I remember the people going by, some slowly and quietly while other briskly passed in front of me. Bags can bring bag so many memories, and this one does that for me. While I could easily say it was a bad memory, because that day was one of the hardest of my life, it wound up being a positive memory for me. The doctor was wrong, what he thought was absolutely off, and Millie was fine. Part of the reason I’ve created this series and feel so fondly about my bags is because of this very reason: they are tied to memories in my life.

Back to my bag! The Chloé Hudson is a fan favorite for many reasons. I am team Hudson because of how casually cool this bag is. While suede isn’t usually my choice for material on a bag (as upkeep can be much harder), a dark suede is much easier to hide wear and keep the bag looking pristine. There is leather detailing alongside the suede body, like a beautiful whipstitch, and brass hardware. The horseshoe-shaped body is stylish and gives a lot of interesting dimension to the bag itself. There’s a long front tassel that also stands out on this bag. The Hudson is available in different sizes, this is the small size which works for someone who isn’t carrying much. I find the shoulder strap to sit nicely and securely on my body.

I haven’t carried this one much as we spend most of our time in Florida and I don’t think it works well for hot months here, but it’s a bag that I am always happy to have and bring out for cooler days and of course when we are in true fall weather. One thing that I find surprising is that the Hudson seems to no longer be a push, or even sold, for the brand. There are plenty of Marcie bags, and the new designs are being given more attention of course. I thought Chloé would always keep a few classic colors of the Hudson because of how popular it is, but I’m not the one in charge. Shop other Chloé bags at Nordstrom here.

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