Look for Less: Woven Pouch

One of the hottest brands in the designer bag world right now is Bottega Veneta. Under Daniel Lee, the once seemingly understated and sometimes serious brand’s bags have been reinvigorated and given a youthful makeover. In place of a logo, Bottega Veneta’s “outward logo” lies in its Intrecciato leather, a weave technique seen on many of its designs. The iconic Bottega Veneta Intrecciato weave can be spotted from afar and immediately identified as a Bottega Veneta house staple.

However, the prices on BV bags fall into the typical designer bag realm and many times we want to get that look without the price. I was browsing Nordstrom and stumbled upon a new-to-me brand, MALI + LILI. This brand offers PETA-certified vegan leather designs and a handful feature woven designs. Sidebar, there are a lot of thoughts on vegan leather and its impact on the environment, and while I looked to find a bit more information on the vegan leather MALI + LILI uses, I wasn’t successful. A small woven pouch is a great piece for any wardrobe. Its simple, but the woven leather adds dimensionality and an interesting look at a small bag staple.

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