I’m Obsessing Over These Perfect Bag and Jewelry Pairings

As any purse lover knows, accessorizing is an easy and fun way to express your personal style. My adoration of jewelry began at a young age, as my grandmother was an expert in blending fine jewelry with costume pieces. I now find myself doing the same (I learned from the best, after all), and I am slowly but surely building my jewelry collection.

Like handbags, jewelry holds a special sentimental value for me. My pieces possess deeper meaning than mere trinkets, and I tend to collect pieces from places I have traveled or received as gifts from loved ones. I have a ruby ring that I purchased from a small jeweler on a visit to Singapore last year, and it is one of my most treasured possessions. My jewelry holds more memories and meaning than even my bags—shocking, I know!

Handbags and jewelry have always gone hand in hand in my wardrobe, as I never leave the house without either. I love to mix metals, colors, and stones in my collection and I never want my bag to be overly matchy-matchy with my jewelry. I wear pieces that complement each other rather than match identically, and have a lot of fun selecting what to wear each day. I never worry about whether my handbag hardware matches my jewelry. Granted I’ve read countless threads on the PurseForum over the years about whether to mix bag hardware with jewelry metals, so my opinion to mix it up could be polarizing.

Whether you like to match perfectly or mix it up, I’ve selected bags and jewelry pieces that make a perfect pair. What’s your jewelry pairing style?

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