I’m 54, and These Are the Trends I Will and Won’t Wear

Melissa Meyers is a Los Angeles–based influencer with a focus on beauty, style, travel, and wellness. Her blog, The Glow Girl, aims to empower women to embrace the best version of themselves, age gracefully, and cultivate a glow from the inside out. She also happens to be 54 years old and has a penchant for masterfully styling trends. Below, hear from Meyers on her favorite pieces for the season.

Before moving to Los Angeles and launching my blog, The Glow Girl, I lived in New York City where I was the founding editor of an online fashion and lifestyle magazine. A large part of my job was to be on the hunt for the latest style and fashion trends and to share them with my audience. Experimenting with these trends and seeing so many come and go over the years has helped me develop a distinct style guide. I realize now that it’s important to only wear the trends that work for your style, body type, and taste. As a woman in my mid-50s, it feels good to adopt the trends that make me feel confident when walking out the door and to ignore flash-in-the-pan trends that don’t. Check out the trends I will and will not wear below.

Wearing white year-round from head to toe is here to stay and a great alternative to black. These white cowboy-style Sam Edelman booties are so versatile. I get more compliments on them than any other shoes in my closet! I like to wear them with dresses, skirts, and jeans, making them the perfect staple.

Cropped jeans are always a good look as long as they are high-waisted to elongate your legs. They can be worn with all types of shoes, from heels to sneakers, sandals, and booties. I prefer ones that have stretch in them for comfort.

I adore dresses that have feminine details like puffed sleeves and floral patterns. Paired with a nice bag, a dress with these details requires minimal accessories and always looks sophisticated and chic.

Sporting an oversize blazer is always in style. I’ve been wearing the same one for over 10 years! These blazers are a nice investment piece and make any outfit look a bit more sophisticated and buttoned-up. I love to wear mine with jeans and a T-shirt à la Anine Bing.

I love animal prints and have been wearing them for years. They are super trendy right now but have always been a staple in my wardrobe. If you like them but want to be less bold, try wearing accessories like belts, bags, and shoes that complement your existing wardrobe.

I see mixing these two styles together as a passing trend. Keep the biker leggings for workouts only if you need to wear them. I am not a fan, as they cut off the thigh in a place that can make my legs look shorter.

These “ugly,” dad-style sneakers certainly made a comeback from the ’90s, but I won’t be wearing them anytime soon. They can look unsophisticated and do nothing to help elongate the leg. I recently purchased a pair of Nike Cortez sneakers that capture the trend and are flattering.

An alternative to these tops is to wear one that is cropped right where the waist of your pants hits. I wear these tops with high-waisted jeans and sometimes even show just a sliver of skin.

These sunglasses are disproportionate to any adult face and can look silly. Plus, they offer very little sun protection for the eyes. I like sticking to classic aviators, cat-eye, and oversize sunnies.

This trend is a flashback to the ’90s and was super popular at the S/S 19 fashion shows, but to me, it just looks tacky. If you want to capture this trend, I suggest wearing an accessory like a neon belt or shoes—or just try an electric-colored mani for less of a commitment.

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