If Olympic Sports Were Teas from Art of Tea…

 What’s not to love about the Olympics? There’s the national pride, the amazing talent, and the hours of entertaining competition. Add in the chill of Winter weather, and the Winter Olympics are the perfect time to curl up in front of the TV with a cup of tea. 

Figure Skating

Beautiful, graceful, fantastic to watch. Are we talking about figure skating or our go-to blooming tea, Halo? Both! When we think of the smooth magnificence of figure skating, it’s hard not to think of a blooming tea. Blooming teas are tightly-packed leaves, botanicals, and florals that stay compact until they’re hit by hot water. Once exposed to hot water, the exterior leaves blossom, exposing layers of beautiful florals and leaves within. Like a great figure skating routine, Halo will grab your attention and captivate you with elegance and grace. 

Alpine Skiing

If alpine skiing were a tea, it would obviously be a tea that thrives at high altitudes. It’d also be a sport that inspires thoughts of luxury and glamour. After all, some of the greatest alpine skiing mountains happen to be in the most beautiful and posh countries. That’s why we think alpine skiing and Darjeeling are the perfect pair. Darjeeling is grown at high altitudes in the Darjeeling province of India and is often called the champagne of teas because of its crisp, delicate taste. It’s the high altitudes that give Darjeeling its signature flavor, and a tea that thrives in cold mountain air is the perfect tea representative for a mountain sport like alpine skiing. 

Speed Skating

Of all the Winter Olympic sports, speed skating is arguably the most energetic. The fast-paced sport is exhilarating to watch and requires intense focus and energy. Sound familiar? We find that drinking a cup of matcha creates the same sensations needed for speed skating. matcha contains both caffeine and L-Theanine which helps stimulate energy without giving you the jitters. We imagine it’s the same sensation an Olympic speed skater feels as they take the ice. 


We’re not sure we fully understand curling, but we do know that we love it. There’s something deliciously entertaining about watching people frantically brush ice with brooms. There’s something surprisingly delicious about our 9:00 PM blend, too. You wouldn’t think caramel and mint notes would work well together, but they do. And they somehow mingle to create a delicious blend reminiscent of peach cobbler. 

We’re not saying you have to drink the tea that corresponds to the Olympic sport you’re watching. But we can’t help but notice the striking similarities between some of our favorite teas and our favorite Olympic sports. And tea is always a good idea. 

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