How Much Popular Louis Vuitton Bags Sell For on the Resale Market

For bag lovers, making the decision to part ways with one of our beloved bags is no easy feat. And while there are many factors that go into the decision behind selling a bag (including lack of use or in need of the extra cash), the deciding factor usually lies with getting a decent return. We’ve heard from readers and forum members that they are currently looking to part with bags due to the economic climate. In order to make things easier, we combed information in the resale market to create a handy guide which will help you get an idea of what price your pre-loved bags may fetch.

Today, we’re focusing on some of the most popular Louis Vuitton styles. Here, we’ve taken prices for each style from some of the biggest resale sites, which will give you an idea of your bag’s current value. At the bottom, I included notes about each resale site which may help you decide which to use. To be clear, all prices are in USD and represent the current range of selling prices, NOT what each reseller is offering for the style. Included with each style, you’ll find the average median price across all resale sites.

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