How Much Popular Chanel Bags Will Cost You on the Resale Market

The decision to purchase a new bag is an exciting one, and with fashion’s push towards shopping more sustainably, coupled with the current economic climate, the secondhand market has become a buyers haven for pre-loved finds. With another price increase in effect in Europe, and looming for the US too, buyers are turning towards the secondhand market to find their holy-grail bags at a more reasonable price now more than ever. With so many choices, we know that shopping the resale market can be overwhelming, so we researched the current secondhand market to create a handy guide in order help you get a better understanding of what popular bags are selling for right now. To be clear, all prices are in USD and represent the current range of selling prices, on popular resale sites. Included with each style, you’ll find the current retail price for its most basic model where applicable, as well as the average median selling price across all resale sites. Keep in mind that prices can vary greatly on the secondary market, especially if the color is a seasonal or limited edition variation.

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