“Green” Teas and Sustainability: Our Commitment to the Environment

When we post pictures of filter bags or sachets on social media, one of the most common comments we get is “But that’s so wasteful!” We love that our community is full of environmentally conscious tea drinkers. Our team constantly thinks about the environment, too. That’s why we need to clear the air about our sustainability practices. (Pun intended.)

Okay. Here it is: There’s no need to stress about our filter bags and sachets. Art of Tea is committed to green business practices. 

Tea is an agricultural product, so we’re especially appreciative of the environment and what it produces for us. We care so much that we even list “Commit to sustainable business practices” as one of our company’s core values. We take caring for the environment very seriously, and we hope our commitment to the planet will inspire you to be more environmentally-conscious, too!

Using Green Materials

Back to those filter bags and sachets… You might be wondering how it is that we’re producing single-serve loose tea experiences without creating waste. We use biodegradable materials for our sachets and filter bags. Pillow-shaped teabags from the grocery store are often made of paper with a metal staple. Our sachets are made from a corn-based fiber and are sealed with supersonic waves. (Say that three times fast.) Our filter bags might feel like paper, but they’re actually made with Abaca Pulp, which comes from banana leaves. 

Because we’re using vegetable starch materials to make our sachets and filter bags, both can be tossed in the compost. A product is compostable if it’s biodegradable and if the broken-down product benefits the soil. Most compostable products are made of PLA (a material that feels like plastic), sugarcane fiber, or vegetable starch.

Sourcing From Sustainable Farmers

Everything we do at our facility is done with the environment in mind, and we want to source from farms that share this ethos. In addition to staying green, we also try to work with Fair Trade farms as often as possible. Fair Trade farms commit to fair and ethical labor practices as well as sustainability. While we mix all of our blends in-house, we’re importing most of our ingredients. Through working with Fair Trade farms, we’re empowering businesses who believe in sustainability, too. 

Want to learn even more about our commitment to sustainability? Check out our pledge to produce sustainable tea, or explore our Core Values.  

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