Golden Goose Now Makes Bags

There are some fashion trends that catch on quickly and become much more far reaching than you’d assume. Take Golden Goose and its worn in, many times ‘dirty’ looking sneakers, that have taken over every fashion lover’s feet and feeds. These sneakers are widely popular and many aspects of their popularity are confusing to many, not just because the shoes look well-used, but also because the shoes are so expensive.

Most Golden Goose sneakers cost $530 and up and the brand also has sneakers for toddlers and kids as well. I’ve actually asked multiple people who own these shoes if they are comfortable and why that wearer loves them so much. Truth is, I like some of the Golden Goose sneaker designs; they pair a modern classic white sneaker with a laid back vibe. It makes the sneakers quite wearable and because most now know the brand, it’s become quite accepted (and fashionable) to wear a shoe that looks a tad dirty.

Golden Goose is expanding into bags and its first bag just popped up on Nordstrom. Introducing the Golden Goose Star Leather Camera Bag. A camera bag is one of the quiet workhorses in any handbag lovers closet. Camera bags tend to hold more than you’d imagine and are easy to grab and go for daily use and nights out alike. This bag is a typical camera bag design, nothing major to write home about as the shape is what you’d expect of a camera bag. The exterior design element that makes this bag ring as Golden Goose is the star appliqué and logo lettering. The interior features a wall pocket and the nice addition is that the exterior has a slip pocket as well.

I like the black and red leather versions of this bag best, they are more subdued and show the rich pebbled leather really well. There’s a leopard version too, and then the gold and silver options have a glitter star appliqué. The other element Golden Goose adds to its version of the popular camera bag is the single shoe charm that hangs from each design. The few design elements that the brand added to this camera bag makes it ring as a Golden Goose design. The aesthetic goes hand in hand with the shoes the brand releases (there are so, so, so many options now).

Buy via Nordstrom for $530.

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