Gifts That Support Small Businesses This Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day will inevitably be far different from year’s past for most moms. With the majority of us still at home and not leaving the house often, it will be a breakfast in bed and cuddles kind of Mother’s Day, and for many it will mean being separated from part of your family. While I feel incredibly tired in different ways than my usual tired with everything going on, I count my blessings daily that we are healthy and able to spend this time as a family. My days aren’t filled with Instagram perfect art projects and impeccable household organizing, in fact, they are chaotic and messy. But when Millie comes up to me and says “I love you so much mom” and Vaughn runs up to me with his arms reached looking for love while he yells “Mama”, I am quickly reminded of what is most important.

The financial strain many are facing means this Mother’s Day will be filled with less material gifting, which is entirely ok! It’s ok for us to spend a day remembering how important we are to our children, how much love we are able to give and receive, and focus on the good in our lives. The love and connection we have from our families is what matters most.

If you are able to shop this year for something, I wanted to share items from small businesses that could surely use your support at this time! (I didn’t include bags in this roundup, as I have a more in depth post on smaller and up and coming brands in the works for you). Many of these businesses are female founded and run as well, which is another plus. If your family is thinking of flowers, support your small, local florists as they could use the business right now as well. At this time, supporting our communities is something that will help little by little, and it’s a small thing that means a lot to these businesses.

The job of being a mom is one filled with rewards I never knew existed, and I am forever grateful that I have my kids and Vlad. And when it comes to moms, I learned from the best – my mom is simply put: wonderful. Happy Mother’s Day Moms!

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