From J.Lo to J. Law, 3 Celebs and the Leggings They Won’t Stop Wearing

As satiating as it may be to see what your favorite celebrity wears on the red carpet, there’s something almost more intriguing about the pieces they wear in their everyday life—specifically while working out. Obviously, everyone wears pretty similar getups to get their sweat on, including sports bras, leggings, and sneakers. However, when it comes to the actual brands that celebs opt for, that’s where the interesting part comes into play.

Women like Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence, and Alessandro Ambrosio all have strong fitness routines that require pieces that can mirror their active lifestyle, which is why we were curious to see the designers they turn to for leggings.

Ahead, find out the three brands these women wear all of the time and shop the picks to get their workout aesthetics.

The model is a must-watch for all the latest trends in leggings, which is why her devotion to Outdoor Voices is worth taking note of.

Though wearing Jennifer Lopez’s workout leggings might not give you the *exact* same killer muscles as hers, it doesn’t hurt to take inspiration from the powerhouse, right?

This Los Angeles–based yoga attire company is a favorite of Jennifer Lawrence’s. The actress tends to opp for solid, neutral leggings and translates them stylishly to post-workout scenarios.

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