Currently Coveting: YSL Niki Bags with Tonal Leather Encased YSL Monogram

When I was sharing my #stayhomewithbags series on Instagram, I spent a lot of time rediscovering many of the bags I own and rarely use. One that I plan to use much more is my Saint Laurent LouLou, a design that is fairly simple in theory but offers great usability, plus the aesthetic, especially in person, is simply stunning. I’ve heard many of you share that you are not a fan of the large YSL logo that is seen on many of the brand’s bags, but I have the line from Saint Laurent that may be just right for you.

Last month, Kaitlin asked if YSL could rebrand without its logo bags and go in a new direction, as some of the most recent releases are YSL hardware logo-less. Some of you shared you aren’t a fan of the logo, while others said it’s not YSL without the logo. I happen to love the YSL hardware logo on its bags, always have. I, like others, worried Saint Laurent would do away with its YSL logo after it dropped the Yves, but was happy to see the logo hardware was here to stay. I absolutely adore it on my Loulou bag, and I think paired with the chain strap detailing and stitched chevron leather, it makes the bag. However, if you don’t want the monogram to stand out as much, but still like it in theory, there’s an entire line for you.

The Saint Laurent Niki line offers a wide variety of very cool bags (actually quite a few are now on my wishlist) that include the YSL monogram hardware, only on these bags it’s incased in tonal leather which allows for a more seamless existence on the designs. My favorite of the group is this Medium Niki which reminds me very much of my Loulou with chevron overstitching on the vintage leather and the same chain and leather convertible strap that I adore. This size is great for a daily carry and comes in a wide variety of colors, each color rich in hue with the hardware front and center in a much more subdued way. There are smaller versions of the Niki as well, which are perfect for those that don’t need to carry much and could use the bag from day to night easily. And if you’re interested, there’s also a tote.

The Niki line of bags from YSL features every YSL detail that is quintessential to the house. The distressed leather offers a very wearable worn in look, which works well for those who love a more casual vibe. There are a good amount of colors offered in different sizes of the Niki and as much as I love my Loulou, I am now itching for one of these bags, bad.

Shop the entire YSL Niki line here.

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