Choose Gifts that Bring the World Closer

Wander with purpose kitWhat a year 2020 has been! Each and every one of us around the world has been affected by this unprecedented year, and hopefully we are turning the corner on this pandemic and have much to look forward to in the new year. As the holidays approach, gift giving feels much more precious. Because we can’t be there to witness the glee of our loved ones opening presents, we hope to choose gifts that bring us closer; items that are meaningful and lasting.

We can also bring the world closer with gifts that give back to the people who make them and the earth that grows them. We invite you to give thoughtfully, and share your values and your love of tea with gifts like:

Now more than ever, in a country divided and skeptical, we can choose brands that are optimistic and make positive change in the world, as we reset and regenerate into the new year. Check out our full selection of gifts at our online store.

Happy Holidays!

Reem Hassani
Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer, Numi

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