Carry These Key Holders When You Want to Leave Your Bag At Home

Back in high school there was a time where it was cool not to carry a bag. Mainly this trend became a thing when girls started getting their licenses and began driving to and from school everyday. Not carrying a bag meant showing off the keys to your brand new—or used!—car.

The cool girls toted Louis Vuitton key pouches around school with their lunch money inside and their keys hanging from the edge. I didn’t drive in high school so while I wasn’t given a pouch as an ‘I just got my license’ gift, I did purchase a bright red LV monogram Vernis key pouch in Paris years later. I understand the practicality of such a small item now more than ever.

I’ve gone grocery shopping twice since the pandemic began and each time I took extreme precautions leaving everything and I mean everything at home or in the car. My handbag and phone were left at home and I even took off my jacket and left it in the car, since I wouldn’t wash it immediately. When I entered the store the only thing I carried was the card case with my credit card inside and my keys attached.

While I don’t use an item like this as much when I’m in the city, for a suburban resident it’s a practical thing to have. Pandemic or not, a key card case is an essential errand running buddy for the ladies who carry bigger bags or totes and the moms who tote around diaper bags with their lives inside. Below are 8 options that make grabbing and going extra stylish.

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