Burberry’s Next B Series Drop Features a Brand New Bag

Back in late 2018, Riccardo Tisci of Burberry introduced fans to a new, exclusive way to snag limited edition Burberry goods. The launches, dubbed #TheBSeries, release new product once per month. Each product drops for sale on the 17th of every month, and in the days prior, Burberry hints at each upcoming release on its social media channels. Once the product is live, consumers can shop it for just 24 hours only via specific social channels.

Since this series was launched, fans have been able to snag everything from logo tees and sneakers to hats and even dog accessories. Initially, this move seemed a bit off brand for Burberry, whose consumer once skewed slightly older. Adapting a streetwear-esque launch technique, seemed risky, but has paid off, contributing to Burberry’s rise in popularity. 2 of the launches thus far have been bags, and now we have a look at the latest bag to hit social media as part of #TheBSeries.

Introducing, the Burberry Robin Bag, coming this Monday, February 17th. This is a completely new shape and silhouette for the brand. The Robin bag is a minimalists dream—chic and sleek in shape with clean, long lines, the bag also features a gold Thomas Burberry monogram finish. This launch is unique as the bag is a preview of the brand’s Fall 2020 collection, which will soon be shown at London Fashion Week.

The bag will be available starting at noon GMT on 2/17 for just 24 hours only. For more on the Robin Bag and BSeries check out Burberry.com.

[Photos via Burberry]

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