A Year Ago I Believed Clutch Bags Were Dead…I Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong

It never fails to shock me how many things can change over the course of a year. This time last year I lived in a different city, I hadn’t yet learned I would soon become a first-time aunt, I held a position in an entirely different field, and last but not least, I was fully convinced that clutch bags were over. After some reflection, I realize just how much has changed over the last 12 months. My husband and I planted roots and bought a “forever” home, my sister is due any day now with my nephew, I accepted a dream role and pivoted into a new career field, and last but most certainly not least, Bottega Veneta’s Daniel Lee single handedly changed my mind on the future of clutch bags.

Last year I was full-on convinced that clutch bags were dead and finished forever. I was ready to donate all of my clutch bags in favor of mini bags and never look back. Last year I published my declaration of the death of the clutch on February 21st, and five short days later we posted an article showcasing Daniel Lee’s first runway show with Bottega Veneta. It was as though Daniel Lee designed a line of covetable clutches just for me, and from first look I was instantly head over heels and immediately recanting my statements that the clutch bag is dead.

The beauty of fashion is that it truly is cyclical. The clutch bag was having a lull when I published my article a year ago, and now it is one of the most coveted styles in handbags. Yes, Bottega Veneta clutches are topping my wishlist this year, but there are many beautiful clutches and pouches that absolutely allure to me now after the resurrection of the clutch bag.

I’ve been on a mission to add a few new clutches to my collection and I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites! What do you think? Are you loving clutches right now or are you still reaching for your mini bags?

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