A Closer Look at Some of Disney x Gucci Items

Last month Gucci launched its Disney x Gucci line of Mickey Mouse inspired items to celebrate the Lunar New Year. There are many Disney inspired collaborations, but few have ever enamored me as much as this one and I had the opportunity to check out some of my favorite items in person.

Not typically a Disney girl (in the way of showing it on my clothing and accessories), this collaboration has changed my mind. There is the ideal mix of vintage Gucci with a classic Mickey Mouse touch and it’s a collection that I found ample items I wanted to go out and purchase. There are larger bags, a really distinctive hat box, a cool sweatshirt, and a few online exclusives.

Still one of my favorite items of the lot is the Disney x Gucci Shoulder Bag. The size of this bag is ideal, just right to hold plenty while not being bulky, and I also find a medium size bag shows off a quirky print like this ideally.

Another cool option if you really love Mickey and want him to be seen loud and proud is the Disney x Gucci Bucket Bag. Instead of a small Mickey Mouse print being integrated with the GG print, there’s one large Mickey front and center on the bag. It’s not for those who prefer a more subtle look, but man, something about it is so neat.

Lastly, the hat box I referred to above is such a stand out piece. I don’t own a hat box, but I want to be a hat box person. Of course it was originally intended to carry a hat, but you could use it as a carry on and it would hold overnight items and offers a good size mirror on the inside. This bag is heavy, and you probably wouldn’t want to let a bag like this get beat up, but I could see tossing it in the back of your weekend car, driving away on a getaway, and using this sturdy and quirky bag as your overnighter. If you are that person I described (who I, no joke, want to be), you can purchase the hat box here.

When it comes to Disney items, many feel very strongly. There are those who love the nostalgia of a Disney collaboration and those who find them a bit juvenile. I was always in the middle, a fan of Disney the place from a young age but not entirely convinced by Disney characters on my designer bags, but this collaboration changed my mind. It is the first collection of Mickey Mouse items I would spend a good amount of money on. Check out the full offering on Gucci.com now.

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