4 Myths About Military Spouses, Debunked!

Those married to someone in the military know how difficult it can be to hold a steady job, raise a family, and remain on the move — all at the same time. For active-duty spouses, being married to someone in service can make it extremely difficult to secure long-term work, especially when they have no control over whether there are job openings in their area. 

That’s where the Arise® Platform comes in. The Arise® Platform is  a great choice for military spouses because it offers flexibility, independence, and steady work no matter where life takes their family. 

Read below as we debunk common myths about military spouses. Rethink everything you’ve ever thought about working as a military spouse. Plus, learn why the Arise® Platform serves as a great opportunity for those who want to engage in fulfilling work and achieve financial freedom.  

Myth #1: Military Spouses Have No Flexibility 

The idea that flexibility is not an option for military spouses just isn’t true! Though many are in charge of running their households and raising their children, it’s possible for military spouses to balance their role as a stay-at-home parent with their desire to work and earn money. What military spouses really need is an opportunity for flexibility in the first place — but unfortunately, not all gigs offer that luxury. That’s why military spouses should seek a home-based business opportunity like the Arise® Platform.

Sign up for the Arise® Platform, and you’ll soon realize anyone (including military spouses!) can take advantage of the best of both words — tending to one’s obligations, whatever they may be, while also running a small business from home on the days that are most convenient. 

Myth #2: Military Spouses Don’t Care About Working 

Military spouses face numerous challenges when applying for jobs, particularly because once employers get to know that they are a military spouse, they might assume they won’t be around for too long. It doesn’t help that many military spouses have gaps in unemployment on their resume, which can be frowned upon by some employers. 

Ultimately, it’s not that military spouses don’t care about working — it’s that their military life poses many hardships that employers are not sympathetic to. Instead, military spouses should look to get paid to work from home

The Arise® Platform provides you with the chance to be your own boss and start your own business, regardless of their employment history and where they’re located. All you have to do is sign up and commit yourself to success. 

Myth #3: Military Spouses Lack Education and Motivation

One of the most difficult parts of relocation is not being able to put down roots. This is especially challenging when a military spouse is trying to obtain any level of education. If they begin at a university and have to suddenly relocate, it becomes difficult to transfer coursework and credits to the next school. Eventually, it becomes more of a challenge to start fresh at a whole new college than it is to actually graduate with a degree. 

Military spouses are not uneducated; however, the education system often works against those who take leaves of absence, can’t attend class in person, or have any other personal obligations. The lack of affordable online degrees makes it frustrating for military spouses, often leaving them with no option but to not graduate. 

Coping with frequent relocations should not dictate whether someone can attain an education and enjoy coursework from wherever they are located, the Arise® Platform attempts to eliminate these challenges by allowing anyone who uses its platform to operate entirely online. So long as you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to work from home and take inbound customer service calls, even if home changes from time to time.

Myth #4: Military Spouses Can’t Be Independent  

While many of these misconceptions about military spouses could not be farther from the truth, one of the myths that needs to be dispelled immediately is that their lives revolve around their spouses in active duty. 

Although it’s true that many military spouses might choose to forego their career and be stay-at-home parents, the choice to be at home with their kids in no way makes them any less independent. In fact, there is not anyone more independent than someone who can handle a plethora of challenging situations all on their own including moving on a short notice, managing a household, being responsible for childcare, and providing children with support throughout stressful times — all with such grace. 

Coping with the ups and downs of military life while your spouse is away is true independence.  

Ready to take the first step with an at home business and be your own boss? The Arise® Platform supports military spouses by putting them in charge of where and when they work and offering them the flexibility they need to be successful in starting their own business. 

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