4 Easy-Peasy Spring Makeup Looks to Boost Your Mood

Even though my wardrobe might not know it’s spring, my makeup drawer has been ready for months. To help get me through these final weeks of winter, I tapped celebrity makeup artist Mai Quynh and four stylish Who What Wear staffers to come up with our take on Ulta Beauty’s spring moods (i.e., bold and daring; fresh and renewed; bright and dreamy; and spirited and free) aka the season’s biggest trends—because nothing lifts my spirit (or distracts from the cold) as much as refreshing my makeup. Try these looks out, or don’t. Just know that each is unique, and there’s definitely something for your every mood. And if they feel a bit outside your comfort zone, Quynh assures me they’re all actually wearable (as in, you can wear them out and about and not just in your bathroom) and on-trend. Plus, there’s no better time than spring to try something new…

Photographer: Katie McCurdy
Stylist: Alvin Stillwell
Hairstylist: Rachel Lee
Makeup Artist: Mai Quynh
Manicurist: Steph Stone

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