4 Coffee and Designer Bag Pairs

If you are a bag lover and follow other bag lovers on social media, you’ve seen a lot (and I mean A LOT) of coffee and bag photos. It’s as if you can’t drink a great coffee without snapping the perfect shot of your bag, sunnies, and your hand – ever so perfectly in the frame – for all your friends to see. I’m not knocking it, we are part of this trend as well, you’ve seen a lot of coffee and bag pairs on our site and Instagram page.

Knowing that both designer bags and coffee play a big role in our daily lives, we wanted to marry the two by pairing the ideal matching bag and coffee shop drink duos. Tell us which fits your style and order, or let me know in the comments your drink of choice. Mine didn’t make the cut below, but my order is a Grande Soy, No Water, No Foam, Chai Tea Latte.

Chanel Classic Flap in Pearl Beige with a Vanilla Latte

For the person who loves all things classic, feminine, and attractive, pair your Chanel Classic Flap with a Vanilla Latte. One is very easy to look at, the other easy to drink, and the combo together makes for a sweet and appealing duo.

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Suede Hermès Kelly Pochette with a Dark Chocolate Mocha

If you prefer classic with a twist, your pairing is the suede Hermés Kelly Pochette with a Dark Chocolate Mocha. The Kelly Pochette has all the markings of a classic Kelly in an evening size and suede is a less seen material for Hermès bags. You also mean business, because this pair packs a highly caffeinated punch. A Dark Chocolate Mocha Latte has nearly double the amount of caffeine of a classic Caffè Mocha meaning you’re here to look good, drink something delicious, and tackle the day without as much as a yawn.

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Gucci Marmont with a Starbucks Pink Drink

The Starbucks Pink Drink took over feeds because let’s face it, it’s pretty to look at. Made with sliced strawberries, Tazo iced passion herbal tea concentrate, a very berry hibiscus-Instant refresher packet, coconut milk and ice, this combo is a winner for an aesthetically pleasing drink. The Gucci Marmont Shoulder Bag is also nice to look at. While not the trendiest bag from the House of Gucci, it’s a staple that’s recognizable. Both of these items are pretty in pink, and always get people double clicking for ‘likes’.

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Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette with a Matcha Latte

Are you on top of trends, brand aware, and casually cool? If so, your perfect pair is the Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette with a Matcha Latte. We all know this bag from Louis Vuitton now, and it’s still just as sought after as ever. The green strap is the most beloved combo and it matches with a matcha latte. Matcha is said to boost memory and concentration, enhance calm feelings, and is also high in antioxidants. Bonus: the right coffee house knows how to make great latte art for your green drink.

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