3 Uses for the Multi-Functional Dior Catherine Tote

While I am still pining for a Dior Book Tote (each season a new rendition comes out that I love more), there’s a similar bag that recently landed at Dior and the major difference is that this bag offers eight exterior pockets. You may remember this interesting new design from when we first introduced Dior’s Spring 2020 collection and the perfectly curated gardening items that were placed inside.

Fashion can be funny, leaving us wondering if a brand means for something to be taken literally or if the brand took creative freedom and didn’t intend for the product to be quite so on the nose. While I may not want to get a $3,600 Dior tote dirty with my afternoon spent in the garden (which you won’t find me there anyway, I have the opposite of a green thumb plus I have no garden), I am sure there is a group of Dior loving gardening fanatics who would use this bag exactly as it was shown.

The Dior Catherine Tote was a new style introduced by Maria Grazia Chiuri and inspired by Christian Dior’s sister and her love of the garden. Like the Book Tote, the Catherine Tote is fully embroidered with the blue Dior Oblique pattern as well as the Christian Dior signature on the front. Sizing is very comparable between the two totes, with the Book Tote being a bit larger at 41.5 x 35 x 18 cm while the Catherine Tote is 40 x 31 x 19 cm. You can carry the bag by hand or over the shoulder as well.

While the interior may not have any pockets, the exterior offers 8 pockets, perfect for any item you may need that day. If you’re a gardener, you’re covered. If you’re a mom needing a diaper bag, you’re covered. If you’re going off to work, you’re covered. Really, this bag has you covered. We photographed this bag for three different activities to show you the many ways you can carry the versatile Dior Catherine Tote. How would you use it?

$3,600 via Dior.com

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