25 Things That Make Up My Official L.A.-Girl Wardrobe

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I grew up always having a bit of an obsession with shopping (walking into my hometown Nordstrom will always give me a nostalgic thrill), but it wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles that my addiction was full force. I mean, how could it not be? I’m constantly getting major inspiration from fashion girls I see around the city, local bloggers I follow on IG, and most of all, my Who What Wear co-workers.

So yes, my style has been influenced by this fashionable town, but I’ll always stay true to my personal brand—on-trend, simple, and (shh!) affordable. Want in on what I’m shopping? Without further ado, keep scrolling for my official L.A. wardrobe items—some I already own, some I need to buy again, and some I’m just plain obsessing over. 

L.A. weather never really quite requires a real jacket, so I’ve been opting for the stylish “shacket” trend instead. 

I wish I could say that I could afford dozens of designer handbags, but I can’t. Luckily, I’m able to hunt for expensive-looking options from my favorite retailers. 

I just bought this, and it’s becoming quite the office wardrobe staple. I love throwing it over a white turtleneck. 

A slip dress is a staple in any L.A. girl’s closet because it can be dressed up or dressed down. Tip: Throw a sweater on top when it’s cold outside and it’ll double as a skirt. 

I bought this on Amazon last year, and I’ve worn it 100 times since. I’m about to buy another in case something ever happens to my OG! 

At work, you can usually find me in boots, but on the weekend, I live in Adidas. Take it from me: midi dress + sneakers = the easiest (but trendiest) outfit ever. 

In L.A., an outfit is never complete without some jewelry. These are the perfect statement accessory to spruce up any simple look.

Perfect for office meetings and date nights alike.

Let me tell you the strappy-sandal trend is not going anywhere for a while. A friend wore this pair the other day, and I couldn’t believe they were under $50, so naturally, I added them to my cart immediately. 

I get at least two people asking me “where did you get your jeans from?” every day. The answer: PacSun. I’ve converted so many friends and co-workers (and even a stylist!) into stans of the denim—this pair in particular. 

I never leave my house without a pair of sunglasses. Nordstrom Rack’s best-kept secret is its collection of majorly discounted designer pairs. 

More and more neutrals seem to be trickling their way into my wardrobe.

“Just got out of bed” weekend coffee run, but make it chic. 

Say hello to my new favorite work dress. 

Affordable, easy, and ultra stylish. Mango does it again!

My love for bodysuits continues. 

I only have one piercing but long for the look L.A. cool girls wear with multiple earrings. This cuff gives me major ear candy without having to face my fear of needles. 

I snagged this right when it went on sale. I’m really a sucker for a good midi dress.

I have a habit of sticking to jeans, but this pair of faux-leather pants has swayed me to branch out. 

My going-out-top style has definitely been elevated since college. 

It’s only February, and I’m already at the beach (perks of L.A. weather). My closet is stocked with dozens of bikinis, but this style from L*Space has been my favorite for a while now.

This is giving me Beverly Hills Hotel vibes. Pair this with the tan leather pants above and you’re golden.

I’ve seen so many co-workers with these, so it’s time to finally add them to my sunnies. 

I’ve seen more and more of these long shorts pop up on cool girls around the city. The faux leather on this pair is a chic bonus. 

It’s crazy how just one ring can completely upgrade your whole look.

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