16 Baking Blogs to Follow for Delicious Dessert Ideas

Looking for baking blogs to satisfy your sweet tooth or give you inspiration for your next special occasion? These are a few of our favorite dessert blogs to find our next creation.

Here at Nutrition Stripped, we believe eating well is a balance. That means providing your body with the nourishment it needs to feel and function its best and also honoring the many roles food plays in our lives, including culture, tradition, celebration, and joy. It’s our mission to support you in creating a positive relationship with food so you can reclaim balance and find joy in nourishing yourself well and also mindfully enjoying all of the foods you’d like without guilt.

In this list of baking blogs, you’ll find a combination of “standard” recipes for when you want them and also more nourishing dessert recipes for when you need them. You’ll also find plenty of dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan options for those of you that have allergies or preferences.

If you find a new blog to follow, be sure to give them some love, send them a message on Instagram, and snap a photo of a recipe you tried!

1. Bakerita by Rachel ConnersBakerita Baking Blog | Nutrition Stripped

Dietary style: All are gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, and usually vegan! Many are also paleo and grain-free.

Rachel aims to make better-for-you baking and cooking recipes that are approachable, no-fuss, and absolutely delicious for the whole family to enjoy. Her recipes use simple ingredients (not too many of them!) and are so satisfying.

Must-try recipes:  Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies and 4-Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Where to find her recipes: The Bakerita Cookbook | Website | Instagram


2. Addicted to Dates by Christina Leopold

Addicted to Dates Vegan Baking Blog | Nutrition Stripped

Dietary style: Vegan, mostly gluten-free, mostly refined sugar-free

Christina creates delicious vegan desserts and treats made from wholesome plant-based ingredients. What we love about her recipes is she keeps them easy to make, including many no-bake recipes! 

Must-try recipes: Vegan Snickers Bar and Chai Spiced Cake with Cardamom Orange Glaze

Where to find her recipes: No-Bake Vegan Desserts Cookbook | Website | Instagram 


3. Rainbow Nourishment by Anthea Cheng

Nourishment Baking Blog | Nutrition Stripped

Dietary style: Vegan, many refined sugar-free and gluten-free options

Rainbow Nourishments provides beautiful wholesome recipes with a twist with a focus on desserts. Anthea provides a range of different styles and levels of difficulty, from decadent recipes to everyday bakes.

Must-try recipes: Cinnamon Sticky Buns and Vegan Cinnamon Babka

Where to find her recipes: Incredible Plant-Based Desserts Cookbook | Website | Instagram 

4. Butternut Bakery by Jenna Barnard

Butternut Bakery Recipe Blog | Nutrition Stripped

Dietary style: Plenty of gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options

Jenna provides such a great balance of her favorite traditional recipes alongside countless dairy-free and gluten-free options. What we love about her site is that she wants you to be able to find the BEST recipes for exactly what you’re looking for. From the perfect chewiness of a cookie to the moist crumb of a cake, no matter if it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, or your standard recipe with the works.

Must-try recipes: Cookie Dough Cake and Fudgy Vegan Chocolate Cake

Where to find her recipes: Website | Instagram


5. Dessert With Benefits by Jessica Stier

Dessert With Benefits Baking Website | Nutrition Stripped

Dietary style: Options for gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan

Desserts With Benefits is your go-to baking blog for balanced treats, made with whole-food ingredients.

Must-try recipes: Gluten-Free Baked Crumb Donuts and 5-Ingredient Healthy Cheesecake Dip

Where to find her recipes: Website | Instagram 


6. Dada Eats by Samah Dada

Dada Eats Baking Blogs | Nutrition Stripped

Dietary style: Options for vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, and dairy-free

When you scroll through Dada Eats website, you’ll stop at every recipe and say “That sounds delicious!” What we love about Samah’s dessert recipes is that they are not only made with whole-food ingredients, but so many of them are also super simple to make, perfect for beginner bakers or when you’re needing a weeknight treat!

Must-try recipes: Salted Almond Butter Cups (Vegan & Gluten-Free) and Snickerdoodle Cake Bars (Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free) 

Where to find her recipes: Website | Instagram 


7. Chocolate For Basil by Jerrelle Guy

Chocolate For Basil Recipe Blog | Nutrition Stripped

Aside from finding delicious baked goods, what we love about Chocolate For Basil is Jerelle’s philosophy about baking, which is “baking is a journey to self.” We love that! Be sure to follow her along on Instagram because she’s always sharing her recipes that she develops for other places like Bon Appetit, New York Times, and Epicurious that you won’t find on her website!

Must-try recipes: P.B. Cookie “Nice” Cream Sandwiches and Raw Raspberry Almond Mousse Cake

Where to find her recipes: Black Girl Baking Cookbook | Website | Instagram 


8. Toasted Pine Nut by Lindsay Grimes Freedman

The Toasted Pine Nut Healthy Blog | Nutrition Stripped

Dietary style: Gluten-free and diabetic-friendly

What we love about Lindsay’s recipes is that they’re all diabetic-friendly without sacrificing flavor. Lindsay also features dozens of other recipes on her site, but we can’t help but click on every dessert recipe.

Must-try recipes: Gluten-Free Snickerdoodles  and No-Bake Tahini Cookie Dough Truffles

Where to find her recipes: Website | Instagram


9. The Banana Diaries by Britt Berlin

The Banana Diaries Baking Blog | Nutrition Stripped

Dietary style: Vegan

The vegan dessert recipes you’ll find on The Banana Diaries baking blog are easy to follow, and they’re designed to be shared! Britt believes that baking is one way you can show love for someone, and she wants everyone to be able to share vegan recipes that everyone will love (even if you are they are not vegan). She also makes beautiful creations, and makes it easy for you to learn how to bake something beautiful because that’s part of the experience too!

Must-try recipes: Vegan Gingerbread Cupcakes with Dairy-Free Cream Cheese Frosting and Vegan Nutella Brownie Cookie Bars

Where to find her recipes: Baked With Love Cookbook | Website | Instagram 


10. Feasting on Fruit by Natalie Thomas

Feasting on Fruit Blog | Nutrition Stripped

Dietary style: Vegan, gluten-free and grain-free options

The recipes shared on Feasting on Fruit are typically sweet treats with a healthier side and sometimes just decadent. Many of her recipes are sweetened with fruit (given the name of the blog) and make for a great snack or dessert!

Must-try recipes: Smores Cookie Cups and Sunbutter Tagalongs 

Where to find her recipes: Website | Instagram


11. Sugared and Stirred by Rachael Ng

Sugared and Stirred Baking Blog | Nutrition Stripped

Dietary style: Dairy-free with plenty of gluten-free options

The Sugared and Stirred baking blog is all about enjoying baking and also being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor! That’s why Rachael creates delicious and approachable desserts that you can enjoy, in moderation.

Must-try recipes: Vegan Blondie Bars with a Vegan Salted Caramel and Mini Banana Cupcakes with Dark Chocolate Frosting

Where to find her recipes: Website | Instagram

12. Delight Fuel by Julia Trigo

Delight Fuel Healthy Dessert Blog | Nutrition Stripped

Dietary style: Dairy-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free

The mission of delight.fuel is to share recipe creations that inspire others to eat healthy, feel good about what they are eating, and most importantly nourish their bodies with delicious, natural food. Delight in the healing power of food and create beautiful, guilt free dishes to fuel your body!

Must-try recipes: Vegan White Chocolate Berry Tart and Maple Pumpkin Donuts

Where to find her recipes: Website | Instagram

13. The Loopy Whisk by Katarina Cermelj

The Loopy Whisk Dessert Blog | Nutrition Stripped

Dietary style: Mix of gluten-free, dairy-free, and allergen-friendly

The Loopy Whisk, where we’re all about feel-good recipes that make living with food allergies and dietary requirements easy as cake! We love that Kat created a baking blog dedicated to making baked goods enjoyable for those with allergies, intolerances, or even simply preferences that prevent them from eating traditional baked goods.

Must-try recipes: Vegan Matcha Thumbprint Cookies and Extra Chewy Ginger Spice Cookies (Gluten-Free)

Where to find her recipes: Baked to Perfection Cookbook | Website | Instagram


14. Milk and Cardamom by Hetal Vasavada

Milk and Cardamom | Nutrition Stripped

On Milk and Cardamom, you’ll find recipes that draw from Hetal’s Indian-American upbringing and experience on Master Chef. She designs her recipes to be a joy to make and share. In addition to putting Indian-inspired flavors into her recipes, she also shares simple techniques and smart shortcuts that make it easy to create familiar flavors or experiment with new ones.

Must-try recipes: Caramelized White Chocolate and Peda Bark and Lemon Cardamom Snickerdoodles (Eggless)

Where to find her recipes: Milk and Cardamom Cookbook | Website | Instagram


15. Hummingbird High by Michelle LopezHummingbird High Baking Blog | Nutrition Stripped 

Must-try recipes: Small Batch Funfetti Cake and Lavender Earl Grey Cookies

Hummingbird High is an extensive collection of recipes suited for all levels and occasions, all accompanied by incredibly detailed posts full of rigorously tested tips and techniques. Every recipe shared on my blog now has detailed information on how to make the recipes work within your limited schedule, along with extensive information on how to troubleshoot common problems, difficult techniques, and other relevant resources related to the recipe, helping you to become a confident baker!

Where to find her recipes: Weeknight Baking Cookbook | Website | Instagram 


16. Carrot and Crumb by Benji Ebuehi

Carrot and Crumb Baking Blog | Nutrition Stripped

Many members of our community shared they knew Benji from the seventh season of The Great British Bake Off where she finished as a quarter-finalist! Her recipes are sure to please everyone and we love her beautiful, minimal finishing touches that make a big impact, highlighting the exciting ingredients within.

Must-try recipes: Peanut Butter Brownie Cheesecake Bars and  Fig and Honey Cheesecake

Where to find her recipes: New Way to Cake Cookbook | Website | Instagram


There are so many great baking blogs here, along with thousands of recipes across them all! Bookmark this page or 1-5 of these dessert blogs that sound most exciting to you. Then choose either once a week or once a month to try a new recipe! This will help keep it simple while also giving you time to explore and find new foods, flavors, and recipes you love!

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